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Trimline Max is the ONLY formula with QUADBURN technology, a proprietary Blend of ingredients that promotes a dramatic weight loss not just one, but FOUR ways:

  • BURN Calories Faster
  • INCREASE Metabolic Rate
  • OPTIMIZE Hormones
  • CURB Hunger
  • Meg Ryan, Actress
    Michael George's strength training techniques and constant motivation prepared me for the most physical role of my career to date. I consider Michael to be the consummate professional, and most important, a friend.

  • Christian Slater, Actor
    Before training with Michael, I was never really sure if what I was doing in the gym was right or whether or not my diet was adequate. I can now go to the gym with the confidence of knowing that the program I am working is the right one for me.

Michael George is Hollywoods Personal Health Coach, Fitness Expert & Celebrity Trainer. His leading edge training philosophies and sound nutrition principles have coached thousands to achieve their physical makeover and health goals. Supplementing with Trimline™ can transform your total health - promoting body fat loss, lean muscle, and an overall positive sense of well-being. Life Never Felt So Good.

RASBERRY KETONESIncrease the breakdown of fat tissues.

GREEN TEAIncrease energy expenditure.

CITRUS AURANTIUMSignals fat cells to burn stored fat energy.

GERMANIUM EXTRACTCreats a thermogenic state to burn calories.

GUGGULSTERONESModulate thyroid activity.

PIPERINEIncreases efficacy and speeds up results.

CHROMIUMControls carbohydrate cravings.